Awareness about every aspect of a product you own or are hoping to buy is very important. This happens including the warranty periods of whatever machines you have at home. It will also be smart to know about any repair shops nearby, which can help you if you are in a runt with your appliance.

However, it’s often common for a machine’s warranty not to include every part it consists of. Most of the time, the warranty varies according to the different pieces of the device. This is the case with the Whirlpool Washing Machines. The whole machine may have a specific time of warranty, but the rest will vary individually.

Warranty Distribution


Total Warranty


First of all, let’s discuss the complete warranty for the product. If operated correctly, according to all the proper instructions, there is a full one-year warranty on the washing machine. That is, of course, counting from the day of purchase. That means you will not have to worry for precisely one year if something goes wrong with the appliance.

Say, if I faced any issues with my appliance, that had not crossed its one year mark, I would first look for places that offer Whirlpool washer repair near me. It is imperative to find a corporation designated by Whirlpool because only then can I expect the company to bear the cost for my repairs.

If the selected one year expires, there is no way that the full cost will be paid for, but there are still other offers for different parts of the washer.

Second to Fifth Year Warranty

After the expiration of the first and total warranty, the second phase begins. This is when customers will receive privileges of the warranty from the second to the fifth year since the purchase. Of course, that no longer applies to the whole machine but only certain specific parts.

While the first one-year-long warranty stated that the Whirlpool corporation would bear the cost of repair and/or replacements of any parts of the machine, the latter does not do so. On the contrary, this warranty is very specific to certain parts, namely, the top, lid, and gearcase assembly.

Given that all the conditions are perfectly met and the machine was used precisely according to the instructions attached with the packaging, whatever replacements necessary with the top, gearcase assembly, or lid, will be taken care of by the Whirlpool Corporation.

This is, of course, only applicable if you contact the company, or find a repair place approved of by them.

Second to Tenth Year Warranty

Past the fifth year, the warranty for the parts specified above will expire, but not to worry, continuing from the second year. Stretching well through the tenth, guarantees concerning other components. In different manners will come to exist. This warranty is only specific to the outer tub of the washer.

After proper use and care, as stated in the user manual or instruction book that comes with the product, if the tub is found broken, damaged, unable to function properly, or hold water. It will be replaced or repaired according to the needs.

Likewise, the cost will be entirely borne by the Whirlpool corporation, given that the conditions are all met and the warranty has not expired.

Issues Whirlpool Corporation will Not Pay for

The warranty on washing machines provided by Whirlpool is very reasonable and covers a long period, but not everything is included. Even within the time frame of the warranties, there are certain events that the company will not take responsibility for.

It is also worth mentioning that these warranties are only limited to the United States, and no other additional country.For example, if you were not able to install the washer properly. You are asking for service to fix that, you will have to pay for this service fee.

Accordingly, Whirlpool will also not bear the costs of replacing fuses, fixing circuit breakers, house wiring, plumbing, or instructing users on how to use the washer. Warranties are only applicable when it is damaged.

Company Will Not Pay For Damage

On the other hand, any warranty is only valid if the users have used and installed the washer according to the user manual. The company will not pay for damages caused by accidents, wrong installations, abuse, or misuse at the hands of the customers. If that happens, the repair work is entirely the responsibility of the user.

For any repair work or replacements, you can contact suitable repair shops near you who can visit and fix the machine right at home. If you feel the need to transport the product, you alone must bear the costs for that. Whirlpool will also pay for only replacement pieces, or whatever costs are required to repair the machine.

This does not include the labor fees that may be required in the process.So, if you want your warranty to be applicable, use and install the machine from the start according to the manual.

Furthermore, look for any manufacture issues or damages right after the machine arrives at your doorstep. This way, you can inform the company as soon as possible if there is a problem.

Moreover, do not damage or let others damage the product, or you will lose your warranty rights forever. If you have to find a repairman or shop to fix your problems. Make sure you find a place close by so they can visit your house.

Say, if you live in Huntsville, you could look up affordable appliance repair around Huntsville, Al, and make sure that the shops are designated by Whirlpool.


The changes in warranty over the years and the many terms and conditions that come with them are some of the main reasons why users. Even buyers should know everything about the products they are buying.

Imagine that you are facing trouble with your washer, and thinking it is all paid for. But you have found that you are not applicable for the warranty you need for a simple mistake.

Therefore, it is crucial to read through everything carefully, and most of all, treat the product with care, so it lasts a long time.


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