Locally Owned and Operated: Appliance Masters

Over the last sixteen years that Appliance Masters has been in business, we have watched appliances become more technologically advanced, and we have continued to train and educate our technicians to stay current. However, no matter how many computer chips a refrigerator may have, it is still supposed to keep your food cold, and when it doesn’t, you need someone to fix it. Appliance Masters has the training and experience to fix all types of appliances, old and new, and we want to have the opportunity to earn your trust, as we have been earning trust for the last sixteen years.

Hometown Company

We are a local, independently owned company and establish our own standards and policies. We can take care of our customers more effectively than large, corporate chains because we have built our business on customer satisfaction, honesty and value for our customers.

We have helped thousands of families in and around Huntsville, Alabama with their appliance repair needs. Whenever our technicians have gone to someone’s home to make a repair, they have understood how important it was to that family. Every time we made sure that the customer was satisfied with our work before we left.

Honest Work at an Honest Price customer service

We are committed to providing the highest quality service at affordable prices. We don’t try to maximize the profit on every repair, we work to build trust and gain long-term, repeat customers who will tell their friends and family about Appliance Masters. We do this by finding the most affordable option in every situation and providing quality work.Our success has been built on this philosophy.This is why we decided to start our own business sixteen years ago, and this is how we will continue to operate.


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