As days are going by, people are getting more reliable on the dishwasher. The dependency arises due to its multiple striking qualities. Using it saves your time as well as physical effort. If you have huge dishes in your home to wash because of a party, you have thrown, the dishwasher will be your ultimate savior.

You will be able to give more time to the guests than passing a boring time washing the dishes. But what will happen if your dishwasher is not working properly and you are facing some problems in it? You will feel that your whole world just fell apart. Don’t get disheartened in this situation as there are solutions for every problem. Hiring an engineer for every problem will be time-consuming as well as expensive. If you understand the source of the problems, you will be able to find the solutions successfully by yourself.

It is best for you if you gain knowledge about the problems and solutions in order to avoid any kind of damages on the machine. Following the article, you will get to know the common dishwasher problems and the way to overcome this.
Read on to find out more.

The dishes are not Cleaned Properly

This is a common problem that will probably piss you off the time you will see your dishes not getting cleaned properly. The dirt in the dishes might trigger your anger to a point that you might physically harm the machine as well as yourself. Please don’t do that. This will simply add up to your already existed problem. To find out the problem, start by checking the number of dishes you are putting into the dishwasher. If you are overloading the machine with dishes, all of the dishes won’t be washed properly. If you are confident about the loading of the dishes properly, increase the washing cycle at a higher temperature.

This is a good step to take. If you are still facing the problem, try using a washing detergent that is strong enough to remove the dirt. In addition to that, check the machine for any malfunctions. Check the spray arms about its movement and efficiency. If it is covered with dirt, gently remove the arm and clean it with a fresh cloth and toothbrush.

Water leakage from the dishwasher

This problem will flood your kitchen if it is not solved instantly. Check the door and the door gasket of the dishwasher. You might find some amount of dirt, preventing the door from closing properly or might find any cracks where the leakages are happening. For the dirt, you have to scrub it off gently with a cleaning solution for dishwasher and for the cracks, you have to replace the whole door gasket.

The dishes are still wet in some areas

This is a clear indication that the dishes are not getting dried properly. There can be various reasons behind this. If you are loading your dishes unevenly and not in a proper way, there will still be some wet areas left. To avoid this, load the dishes in a proper way so that the heat generated by the heating element can reach the dishes in every area possible in order to dry it properly. If it is not the problem in your case, check the amount of rinse aid you are applying. Apply it for a couple of times so that all of the water can easily be evaporated. The problem can also arise from the malfunction of the heating element.

The heating element is very crucial as it mainly controls the temperature and the proper way to spread the heat among the dishes evenly. The element can be seen at the bottom of the tub. You can check it by yourself to find any malfunction and damages. If you manage to the electrical malfunction that is out of your knowledge, contact an electrician. You will harm yourself if you try to fix it without having the knowledge of the solution.

Appliance Repair Service Near Me

Go to the Google website and type ‘appliance repair service near me’. If you are unable to find a dishwasher repair service by typing that, try typing ‘washer repair near me’. Various repair service will pop out in your location and you can choose any of them according to your desire. If you are living in the USA, you are obviously familiar with the fact that the business city is Huntsville, AL as the environment is very business friendly. If you are staying in that location, expect to get multiple washers to repair services with good reviews from customers.

Bad odor from your dishwasher

The problem is very disgusting to experience. Your whole kitchen might smell bad due to the bad odor present in the dishwasher. The smell is the cause of foods that got stuck in the dishwasher for a long period of time. Search the whole machine thoroughly for any foods that got stuck and clean them gently. Check the screen of the dishwasher which can be seen at the bottom of the machine. If you find foods in that place, don’t waste any time and wipe it off as soon as possible.

Dishwasher not turning on

This problem is an electrical one and should be handled carefully. Check the switch and the power box for any malfunctions. Don’t forget to check the wires and plugs. If the doors aren’t closed properly, the machine won’t work. So, make sure it is done. Sometimes the machine turns on and off continuously. This problem should arise from the motor. Spin the motor with your hand to find any blockages. If possible, clean the motor along with that. As mentioned already that it is an electrical problem, shut the power off when you are fixing the problem. Don’t get an electrical shock along the process.

Drainage system not working properly

If this happens, you will see some amount of water that hasn’t been drained at the bottom of the dishwasher. This arises mainly from the washing cycle. Every cycle adds up some amount of water at the bottom which can turn out to be a massive problem if not drained as soon as possible. The problem can arise from the filtering portion in the machine. The filters can be filled with dirts and debris to an extent that the waters are getting blocked while draining.

These can be found at the bottom of the machine and the filters should be cleaned on a daily basis. Another problem can arise from the drain hose. This can also create the same problem due to the dirt’s getting jammed in it. To solve it, remove the hose from the dishwasher and blow it gently to remove the dirt.


Read the article for a couple of times for your benefit. These are the common problems that every dishwasher user faces and if you can solve it successfully, you will gain the confidence to solve any kind of dishwasher problems in the future.
Best of luck.

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