Microwave ovens have been sold since 1946. Then known as the Radarange, the technology advanced and more affordable and compact microwave ovens began to become popular for home and commercial use in the late 1970s. Some have questioned the dangers of using microwaves, similar to x-rays, in the home and early pacemakers were susceptible to malfunction when in close proximity to an operating microwave. As well, water may erupt out of a cup when it is overheated in a microwave, but it is generally accepted that a microwave, in good repair and operated in accordance with the operating instructions, is a safe and convenient addition to any kitchen.

Keeping Your Family Safe

The United States’ Occupational Safe and Health Administration cites a report from its Canadian counterpart that provides information on the safe operation of microwave ovens, which includes:

  • Following the manufacturer’s instructions for use
  • Check the door seal for wear
  • Inspect the area where the door closes for damage, such as dents, that might prevent proper closure
  • Never disable any safety locks
  • Repair or replace any microwave oven that is not in good condition
  • Repairs should only be made by qualified service professionals

So, the key to the safe use of a microwave oven is to maintain it in good working order. Even dirt that may accumulate in a door seal may allow radiation to escape a microwave when it is operating, just as if the seal was not working properly due to wear and tear. Notably, microwave ovens are not an appliance that should be maintained by non-professionals

An Ounce of Prevention…

Regular cleaning and maintenance, as discussed above, is key to the safe operation of all microwaves. Removing dirt and grease before it accumulates is crucial to maintaining safe operating conditions, and should be done on a regular basis. Inspection of the door seal and ensuring that the door closes properly is another important element to the safe use of a microwave oven.

Leave It to the Professionals

While simple cleaning can obviously be done by the owner, repairs of any sort to a microwave’s seals, door, sensors or any other internal part must be done by a trained professional. This is one appliance that is not an option to troubleshoot by yourself. If your microwave is making more noise than normal, is not heating up or in any way is not operating as it should, you should look to have it examined by an appliance repair service.

Who to Trust?

Appliance Masters has trained technicians who have the skill and experience to safely and competently repair your microwave, at an affordable cost. We work on all makes and models, and will work to find the best option to maintain your investment and extend its life while being sure that it is operating safely. If your microwave oven is not working properly, or if you just want to be sure that it is safe to operate, call us for peace of mind and know that your satisfaction is guaranteed

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