A refrigerator is simply a blessing in disguise for anyone who proudly owns it. There can be a situation where you prefer to eat that extra pizza slices for the next day while watching your favorite movies. This electronic device will be your ultimate savior without a shadow of a doubt in that case.

Other than storing your foods in order to keep it fresh, you must know the average refrigerator temperature of your fridge. This will help you to keep track of your beloved foods and their freshness with time.

So, from the following article, you will get the information of the basic temperature of your refrigerator that can keep your food perfectly safe from getting rotten.

Read on to find out more.

Ideal Temperature of a Refrigerator

You should keep the temperature within 35 degrees Fahrenheit (35°F) to 38 degrees Fahrenheit (38°F). This given range will make sure that no bacteria starts growing onto your food and the freshness can remain intact till the time you consume it.

Besides, you will be protected from any kind of physical harm (stomach aches, diarrhea, etc.) that you might have faced if you have eaten the rotten ones.

Way to Measure the Temperature

Nowadays, the majority of the refrigerator comes with a fixed temperature system that you can easily keep track of as time goes by. If your one doesn’t have that, no problem! Follow this process to get the job done smoothly.

First of all, you can buy a refrigerator thermometer from any electronic store. After that, take off the covering and gently put the device onto the top shelf of the refrigerator. Close the door and give it some time (a couple of hours) to get the accurate reading.

One thing you should remember and that is to adjust the settings of the temperature control before you put the device. If your thermometer is good, you will surely get an accurate reading and it will be within the range of 1 to 2 degrees Celsius or 33.8 to 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Final Tips

Here are some of the tips that will turn out to be highly beneficial for anyone who will precisely follow this.

• You can store the food at room temperature up to a maximum time of two hours. Don’t exceed that or else the food will start forming bacteria’s all around it, unfortunately. So, refrigerate as soon as possible.

• If you have hot food that needs to be refrigerated, don’t put it instantly in the freezer. Give it time to cool down to the room temperature and then store it safely. Putting hot food inside immediately will cause the cooling temperature to drop down and this might cause other foods to get spoiled. Just be careful in this kind of scenario.

• Check the door of your refrigerator whether it is locking perfectly or not. If a gap remains, some of the cold air will escape and this will drop the temperature down.

• Make space for all the foods so that the temperature can reach them properly. Avoid crowding the area and let the cold air circulate easily.

• For repair purposes, you should definitely reach out for help if you are unable to solve the problem. Simply type ‘appliance repair near me’ in Google and you will find all the service providers near your location.


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