A washing machine is a very important appliance for anyone’s’ home. The main problem happens when you turn it on, and then you find out that it is not working. Well, the list of the problem seems endless, and in this situation, you could get overwhelmed.

It is evident that buying a new one will cost you a huge amount of money so, the best approach you can take is to repair it. Since you have nothing to lose, you can at least give it a try.

If you plan on taking the washing machine repair service from a professional, check whether the repairing and service charge is less than half the price of a brand new washing machine or not. If so, you are good to go, and if not, you should definitely buy a new one.

Besides, if your machine hasn’t crossed the warranty time period, you will be happy to know that you may not have to invest money to repair it because the company can get it done for you.

How much does it cost to repair a washing machine?

The cost is not the same for every washing machine because it depends on the type of unit you are using in the first place. If you have the semi-automatic or the portable one, the good news is that you won’t have to spend much to repair it since the cost price is low.

Below, you will find all the models along with their repairing cost. Check it out.

Portable washing machine

This is a small unit, and you won’t have a problem moving it from one place to the other. Since this appliance is connected to the faucet, you might encounter some connection problems, which can affect the water supply. Moreover, the timer might give you inaccurate timings.
In total, the cost to fix this unit is within the range of $80 to $150. These are the estimation for the parts and also labor.

Semi-automatic washing machine

With this appliance in your arsenal, you can wash and dry, thanks to its built-in double tubs. The problem that can happen may come from the draining system. To solve the situation, you have to replace the valve.
So, the total repairing cost for this unit will be around $100 to $200.

Top Loader washing machine

This also goes by the name of the fully-automatic washing machine. The door switch can get faulty, and this could prevent the washer from running. Also, the drain pump can show malfunction.
Overall, you have to pay between $150 and $225 to solve the problem.

Front-Load washing machine

With this unit, you can easily clean your clothes with minimum effort. Moreover, it consumes a fewer amount of water for the wash cycle. You might encounter leaking issues or other types of major problems.
Just pay $200 to $300, and you are good to go.

Integrated washing machine

This one is an upgraded unit, and it is mainly installed behind the door of a cupboard. You might face a leaking problem or your clothes not getting washed properly.
So, hire a professional, and they could charge you between $250 and $350.

Washing machines repairing in Huntsville, AL

If you live in Huntsville, AL, you will be happy to know that several service providers are available. Go to the search engine and type ‘Washing machine repair service near me’ or ‘Washer and dryer repair service near me’, and you will find several companies nearby your area.

Suppose you are interested in repairing some other appliances. In this case, you should type ‘appliance repair near me’ in the search engine.

These professionals are highly skilled, and they are very dedicated to providing you the best service possible. They will check your machine and its condition and then they will give you an estimation of the repairing cost.


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